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Position Description
Applications are open from March 19-31, 2024

Job Title: Student Researcher at the CHIRP lab

Job Category: Undergraduate Student Research

Credits: 1-2 credit / semester 

Hourly Commitment: Approximately 4 hours of work per week outside of weekly one hour research team meetings (total 6 hours/week) over both Fall and Spring semesters. 

Purpose:  Students will join a small working group (2-4 students and 1 faculty) to complete a research project that addresses a problem in our community, related to the concepts of religion and power.  Student working groups aim to draw on both academic and lived experience to engage the humanities and explore the relationship between religion and power.  Working groups aim to have students with different backgrounds, levels of experience, and interests work as an interdisciplinary team. 


Role and Responsibilities

  • Work alongside other intellectually curious University of Portland students and University faculty to create a variety of deliverables. (Example deliverables: Research paper, community event, podcast, public presentation, etc.)

  • Actively engage in discussion, and readings, surrounding religion and power from multi-disciplinary approaches

  • Coordinate and research members and organizations in the community to conduct informational interviews that support and engage the research being done outside of an academic setting 

  • Develop career readiness skills by establishing deliverables schedules, and utilizing software such as Google Drive, Canva, and Wix website creator

  • Understand their own social location and utilize their unique perspective (and acknowledge limitations) to form a diverse working group that welcomes different perspectives


  • No research experience necessary

  • All majors (including STEM) encouraged to apply

  • Enrolled as a current student at the University of Portland with an expected graduation date of 2026 or later

  • Interest in gaining research, career readiness, writing, and networking skills. 

  • Experience working in group settings (Ex: Group projects, community organizations, sports teams, etc.)

  • Experience working with community members inside and outside the academic community (Ex: Attending office hours/lectures, actively participating in classes, belonging to community organizations, volunteer work, being active in clubs, etc.)


  • Gain career readiness skills such as: conducting interviews, website creation, and conducting research in an academic setting

  • Completion of a one-credit, upper-division elective course

  • Work alongside an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty curious to examine religion and power from multiple, and varied perspectives and backgrounds

  • Faculty mentorship

  • Potential for authored publication

  • Opportunities to explore or develop skills related to your interests (Video series production, podcast production, public presentations, storytelling, website development)

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