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Power, Gender, and Sexuality

This research team focuses on the complex intersections of and entanglements between political theology, gender, and formation. Some questions our work will begin to explore include: How is gender formed by theological beliefs and practices, and how does that impact the political sphere? How has it been formed by societal and political structures and how has that shaped our theological frameworks and practices? How do politics and religion themselves form how we do and think about gender? And finally, how might theological discourse and practice serve as a resource for how we think about and do gender in the political sphere? We will begin to explore these complex, and at times controversial, entanglements through three fronts: descriptive, constructive, and public. We’ll explore what cultural and religious factors shape how we think and do gender in our contemporary landscape. We’ll explore what resources religion offers, looking first to apophatic theology. We will consider how these intersections shape and are shaped by the public, hosting campus and community conversations.

Team Members

Dr. Brandy Daniels

Kate Seddon

Robin Aughney

Zora Richardson

Shane Ruyle

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